Welcome to Investing Canon

Welcome to Investing Canon!

Our goal is to document modern “investing canon”. Much of traditional investing knowledge is silo’d, communicated through word of mouth, within organizations and through 1-on-1 mentoring. We want to change that and open-source the knowledge, frameworks, and ideas that make the most successful investors great.

We plan to do this by sharing investment ideas, case studies, industry primers/overview and lessons from the great investors.

Upcoming Company Breakdowns:

Conviction Picks for 2020s: Twilio, Square, Crowdstrike, Spotify

Quick passes for H1 2021:

  • Emerging Market E-Commerce: Sea, Ozon, Mercado Libre

  • Software: Duck Creek Technologies, Unity, Veeva

  • Interesting Legacy Business Transitions/Turnarounds: Goldman Sachs, American Eagle

For investing ideas, while our ideas will likely dominate the initial set of ideas. We hope to feature investment pitches from others over time.

Case Studies:

One of the main ways we’ve learned to invest over the years has been through case studies but there are not many open-sourced case studies, especially for growth investing. We want to change that and create a library of open-sourced case studies for everyone to learn from.

We’ll be sharing case studies on a number of successful and unsuccessful investments that we’ve learned from.

If you have any suggestions for case studies, we’d love to hear them!